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Is it Safe to Travel with Varicose Veins?

When people are still for long periods of time, they increase their risk of developing blood clots. While it can happen to anyone, some people are more prone to blood clots than others. People who have varicose veins are in one of the high risk groups. Before you make travel plans, you need to explore[...] Read More

Does Laser Vein Treatment Leave Scars?

Many people are afraid that a laser vein treatment will cause scars. That is hard to swallow, considering people get the treatment for two reasons. First, of course, they want to feel better. But the other reason is that they want to get rid of unsightly veins. They don’t want scars to replace their unattractive[...] Read More

5 Things To Expect During Laser Vein Treatment

1. Ultrasound Technology A top vein doctor will use ultrasound technology to guide and assist in laser vein treatment. Duplex ultrasound combines traditional ultrasound technology with Doppler tech, allowing your Vernon Hills vein doctor to get a comprehensive understanding of your vascular structure. This helps ensure accuracy in removing varicose veins and spider veins, as[...] Read More