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How Weight Gain Can Affect Varicose Veins

It’s estimated that over half of Americans over fifty have varicose veins, so if you suffer from them, you are not alone and a vein clinic in Vernon Hills can help. These unsightly veins are the result of blood collecting, swelling, and even clotting in your leg veins, when the tiny valves in the veins,[...] Read More

Risks And Costs Associated With Sclerotherapy

As any vein specialist in Lincolnshire can tell you, many patients have successful sclerotherapy treatment on their veins every year with minimal recovery and no complications. In fact, sclerotherapy both costs less than other therapies that involve surgeries, and the recovery time for sclerotherapy tends to be shorter as well. However, it is always worthwhile[...] Read More

Common Causes of Bleeding Varicose Veins. Who Is At Risk?

Of the millions of Americans who suffer from varicose veins, most do not have a case that indicates a more serious medical condition. Varicose ankle and leg veins are extremely common and can be cause by a number of factors, including pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, age, being overweight, and genetics. They are[...] Read More