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What is Causing Your Swollen Legs?

Edema results whenever small blood vessels become “leaky” and release fluid into nearby tissues, causing the tissue to swell. Our top vein clinic in Chicago reviews the two main causes of leg swelling and offers advice on when to call the doctor. Leg Swelling Related to Fluid Buildup Leg swelling caused by the retention of[...] Read More

Common Questions Regarding Vein Treatment

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about vein treatments. How can I treat varicose veins or CVI? Radiofrequency ablation (heat) seals off the problem vein so blood gets re-routed to other veins. This is a short, comfortable recovery and a quick return to everyday activities. Can I get screened for varicose veins[...] Read More

What are Perforator Veins?

The body has two networks of veins in the arms and legs, the deep and superficial venous systems that run parallel to one another. The perforator veins connect the two systems and normally drain blood from superficial to deep.  If the one-way valves in the perforator veins are broken, blood may flow from deep to[...] Read More